Take Our Parent Pop-Quiz!

How Do You Support Your Child’s Well-Being?

Want your child to be happy, wise, and successful on the journey to adulthood? You lead the way through your own actions and attitudes. Take this quiz to discover how well you model the behaviors that research suggests leads children toward self-sufficiency and thriving.

We suggest you take this quiz now and then at the end of our 8 month exploration of the core internal attributes of the Compass Advantage model of positive youth development.

Check all that apply:

____ My children see me reading for fun and being curious about innovative ideas, diverse cultures, and new experiences. I ask my kids about what they are learning more than I ask about their grades.

____ I take time each day to connect and listen to my children about things they care about. My intention is that my children feel seen, heard, understood and felt.

____ When I face the inevitable discomfort of disappointment or failure, I practice self-compassion, reach out to others for support, focus on what I can learn from the experience, and take visible steps to move forward. 

____ Self-care is a part of my routine. I schedule time for physical exercise, rejuvenating activities, and mindful reflection.

____ I make amends when I make mistakes or fail to live up to my own values.

____ I have goals and dreams for my life and speak candidly about the obstacles I face along the way. I talk about strategies to achieve my goals and ask for help when needed.

____ I make time to enjoy nature, music, art, and/or the many other things that feed my creative spirit. I laugh and have fun with my family.

____ I look for ways to support neighbors and my community. I often ask my kids, “What kind act did you do today?” 

What did you score? Add up your checkmarks and consider the following suggestions:

Between 6-8: Congratulations! Pat yourself on the back for demonstrating most of the abilities on the Compass Advantage framework of positive youth development!  Read more about how to help your child grow from the inside out at RootsOfAction.com/ebook.

Between 4-6: A work in progress! (Aren’t we all?)  What attitudes and behaviors would you like to improve? Post The Compass Advantage on your refrigerator and write down a small action you will take this week. Share with a friend, or your family, what you commit to doing. Consider taking a parenting class (checkout RaisingResilience.org) and enjoy the many parenting resources at RootsOfAction.com. See a list of parenting educators that you can follow for inspiration: rootsofaction.com/25-parenting-educators-follow.

Between 0-4: You matter! Caring for a child is a long journey that includes both rewarding and difficult times. Along the way, it is easy to lose touch of your own needs for physical and emotional health and well-being. Yet, your well-being really does matter, not only for your sake but also for your kids. Luckily, you don’t have to do this alone. Ask for help from people you trust, like friends and family.

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