“Most of us associate teen risk-taking with drug and alcohol use. What if we looked at the upside of this normal teen propensity and supported kids in finding “natural highs” without alcohol or drugs? Marilyn Price-Mitchell reviews how activities like rock climbing, cross-country biking, community service, and other experiences can help kids get out of their comfort zone, learn to deal with discomfort and build resilience. This has been part of a successful national strategy in Iceland to decrease drug and alcohol usage. What might work on Bainbridge Island? ”

Cezanne Allen, M.D.

Why Risk-Taking May Increase Teen Happiness

 By Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD

One of the first things you might associate with teenagers is their risk-taking behavior. And most of the time, those associations are negative. Right?

That’s because we are deluged with stories of troubled youth whose risk-taking actions got out of hand —sometimes with tragic results. But what if there was a flip-side to youth risk-taking? A side that would make us encourage teenagers to stretch their comfort zones?

In a recent article, What Happy People Do Differently, positive psychologists, Robert Biswas-Diener and Todd Kashdan, claim READ ENTIRE ARTICLE.