“We tell lies when we are afraid… afraid of what we don’t know, afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will be found out about us. But every time we tell a lie, the thing that we fear grows stronger.”

Tad William

Choosing Honesty: Tips for Raising Trustworthy Kids

By Deborah Farmer Kris

Recently, I heard toddler screams emanating from the living room. When I went to check on my kids, I found a distraught two-year-old and a four-year-old who seemed to be holding something behind her back. Naturally, this prompted to a few questions:
Me: Do you know why your brother is mad?

Daughter: Oh yes! He wants his toy car.

Me: Do you know where it is?

Daughter: Maybe somebody took it and hid it!

Me: Hm, can you tell me who took it?

Daughter: I don’t know!

[Long, long pause]

Daughter: I think maybe it was me.

If your child has ever lied to you, take heart: it turns out that most kids have a strong tendency to lie when they transgress rules or expectations.

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