“What better way to spend a weekend evening than to curl up with my kids on the couch with a good movie and popcorn?  I don’t often think of using movies to help inspire important family conversations. Read Marilyn Price-Mitchell’s tips for using movies to foster the internal strengths that help kids thrive.”

Marina Cofer-Wildsmith,

Executive Director, Bainbridge Youth Services

Family Movies That Will Inspire Teens and Their Parents

by Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD

Family movies rock! And for many reasons! In today’s busy world, watching movies gives families time to slow down, be entertained, and be together. But family movies have the potential to do so much more. They can quite literally shape children’s lives.

One way for teens to learn about and act on the core abilities of The Compass Advantage is to first identify the compass abilities in others. How can teens do this with their family?


Note: Have younger kids? Search here for films appropriate for kids of all ages on Common Sense Media.com.