Do’s and Don’ts from Teens

Read 12 things Bainbridge teens suggest we start or keep doing to help them along successful paths to adulthood!

Start or Keep:

  1. Loving me unconditionally and showing me that you care about and love me.
  2. Teaching me things that will be useful in life—like taxes, budgets, and resumes.
  3. Helping me to do things on my own and to learn how to handle issues as they arise.
  4. Listening to me, challenging me, and supporting me.
  5. Spending time with me: Having dinner together, going on weekend outings, and watching TV at night as a family.
  6. Being supportive when I am stressed and giving me down time to work things out.
  7. Asking if I need your help…I might.
  8. Focusing on learning and not as much on grades.
  9. Giving me structure, even though it’s annoying.
  10. Celebrating me as an individual; accepting who I am and what I care about.
  11. Keeping the emphasis on a good work ethic.
  12. Trusting me and letting me try new things, even if it scares you.
  13. 2 things our teens ask that we stop doing to help them along successful paths to adulthood:


  1. Expecting me to be so perfect.
  2. Having super-high expectations that I can’t achieve.
  3. Being mean to each other/blaming.
  4. Not trusting me without a reason.
  5. Being overly worried about everything.
  6. Pretending you have never made a mistake.
  7. Comparing me to my siblings or other kids.
  8. Not letting me make decisions! (A little guidance/advice is always helpful, though.)
  9. Being so involved in my schoolwork and always checking Skyward.
  10. Treating school as a competition and not stressing the learning experience.
  11. Giving me the silent treatment.
  12. Treating me like one of your investment accounts.

Adapted from survey of Bainbridge Island teens on 4/23/16.