According to Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD, research suggests that intellectual curiosity has as big of an effect on performance as hard work.  She notes that psychologists refer to curiosity as a “life-force, vital to happiness, intellectual growth and well-being.” Clearly, fostering curiosity is important!

Perhaps less clear is how each of us, as adults, can foster curiosity in our own children or those in our care.

Now it’s your turn to get curious and learn from two experts…local teens. Listen to the following Bainbridge Community Broadcast podcast featuring Bainbridge High School students, Maya Nathan and Emma Russell, as they share their own experience of what helps and what hinders curiosity.

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In the podcast, Maya and Emma speak of how adults support curiosity when they focus on the experience/process of learning over the results of learning (grades/test scores).

Please share an example of a way you demonstrate this in your own home. Help us learn from one another.

Big thank you to Bainbridge Community Broadcasting!