How do we encourage kids to be more curious learners?  As a former teacher myself, I admire that Scot Hoffman asked this question regarding his second grade class, which eventually led to the Curiosity Project. The five questions posted in this article are great conversation starters around the dinner table.  What would it look like if each of us modeled being curious learners and integrated some of these ideas and questions into our own family life?  Let’s experiment and share our ideas.

Tina Gustafson Pujolar, J.D., M.Ed.

Curious Homework: An Inquiry Project for Students and Parents

By Scot Hoffman

International educator Scot Hoffman is a big believer in the power of curiosity to drive learning. After nearly two decades of teaching around the globe, he also realizes that school isn’t always so hospitable to inquiring minds. (As Einstein said, “It’s a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.”) READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

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