The fourth Healthy Youth Summit was held on April 25th at BHS Commons, sponsored by the new Bainbridge Island Healthy Youth Alliance.

It really does “take a village” to raise and educate children who flourish in life, kids who are happy in the present and prepared for the future. No parent, family, school, non-profit, or institution can do this alone. Thanks to a convergence of ideas, energy, and enthusiasm, we now have an unprecedented opportunity to work together to support island youth.

Imagine an island where adults and teens take time out of their busy lives to learn from one another and cultivate the conditions that help young people thrive…

With your help, Bainbridge can be that island!

The theme of summit 4, “Success: Changing the Story?” emerged from conversations between youth and adults at previous summits. What stories need to change? How do we change individual and collective stories? How do edited stories change lives?

At the summit, we listened to how teens think and feel about success and how “success stories” help and hinder them as they make their ways through childhood and adolescence. We reflected on the stories that brought meaning and purpose to our own lives and apply our experiences to how we foster the positive development of island youth.

A special breakfast was served for teens at 9:00 AM, just before the event started at 9:30 AM. Teens received 5 community service hours for their participation and were entered into a raffle for great giveaways.

We were pleased to have a father-daughter facilitation team. Doug Nathan, who ably facilitated last year’s summits and his daughter Maya, a sophomore at Bainbridge High School, lead our discussions.

Be part of the new movement to support Bainbridge Island Youth!