The second Summit, held on January 11th, 2014, focused on a discussion of three topics generated from Summit 1. We had a wonderful turnout of both young people and adults who spoke candidly in small and large group discussions. A big “thank you” to Island youth for lending your crucial voices!


A graphic recorder captured discussion highlights in the drawings below, to be used as ideas for action planning in the 3rd Summit on March 15. Please zoom in to explore the drawings!




Small tweaks in how we support Bainbridge Island Youth can pay big dividends over time. As you explore these drawings and reflect on your own thinking about island children and teens, what ideas most resonate with you? What do you think should be our highest priorities? What can we do now to make a difference for our children? Your comments will help move this conversation forward. Please take a look at Summit 3 for the culmination of the year’s event!